Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders Services

Outpatient Services

Addictions and co-occurring disorders treatment services are designed to help individuals develop the necessary skills to maintain a healthy, recovery-oriented lifestyle. Outpatient counseling may include individual, family and group counseling. Family involvement is an important component of the recovery process and is welcome as part of each person’s treatment process. Outpatient counseling is offered at all locations.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Programs provide a structured, evidence-based treatment services for individuals with addiction or co-occurring mental illness and addiction. The program meets at least three hours per day a minimum of three days per week. Services are offered in a group format. On-going support and aftercare are vital components to continuing recovery and are available as part of the Intensive Outpatient Programs.

Adolescent Day Treatment

The Endeavor Program in Cookeville is a structured adolescent day treatment and school program for adolescents between the ages of 13 to 18. The program provides a structured treatment component for adolescents experiencing addiction or co-occurring mental illness and addiction. The treatment activities include groups and Individual counseling to enhance understanding of addiction and co-occurring disorders.  Individual needs are addressed and cognitive behavioral therapy is used to improve coping skills. The Endeavor program’s educational component ensures that participants continue making academic progress while in the program.

Residential Treatment and Detoxification

The New Leaf Recovery Center in Cookeville, Tennessee provides residential treatment and detoxification for individuals with addiction and co-occurring disorders. The Medical and Social Detoxification Programs offers a planned regimen that includes 24-hour medically directed evaluation and monitoring. When detoxification is completed, participants can make a smooth transition into the residential treatment program. The program provides a structured treatment program using evidence-based protocols to assist individuals with the first steps toward recovery. Discharge planning includes the development of a comprehensive, community-based recovery and relapse prevention plan.

Medically Managed Crisis Detoxification

The Medically Managed Crisis Detoxification program provides detoxification to individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis and are in need of detoxification from alcohol or drugs. The program is located in Cookeville and is a collaboration between the Crisis Stabilization Unit, Walk-in Center and New Leaf Recovery Center.

CHOICES Women’s Program

The Choices program provides the support you need to make your recovery real. Experience genuine support and develop real-life skills to prevent relapse. Become part of Choices and experience real recovery. The Choices program offers an intensive outpatient program, meeting three days per week, for three hours per day. After completing the intensive outpatient program, aftercare support groups meet regularly to help you stay on your path of recovery. CHOICES is offered in our Murfreesboro, Cookeville, Athens and Madisonville locations.

Connecting My Recovery

This programs purpose is  to assist individuals with substance use, co-occurring disorders and chronic medical conditions. Connecting My Recovery is an innovative program that serves adults who are experiencing symptoms of addiction or co-occurring disorders and chronic medical conditions. The program uses technology to help individuals monitor and manage chronic conditions. Health education is an important part of the program and gives participants the tools they need to live healthy, recovery oriented lives. For more information please contact our Cookeville office.

Finding My Recovery

New Leaf Recovery Program offers an on-line service to help you continue moving forward in recovery. The program,, is a way to stay in touch with people in recovery and with a therapist to help you with life issues as they arise. For many people, getting support and therapy on-line may seem unusual. However, there are many advantages to on-line support.  To participate in findingMyRecovery, talk with your counselor about enrolling in the program. You will need to complete a short screening to make sure an on-line program best meets your needs. Once accepted, you will be provided a log-in and password and complete as brief orientation to

Addictions and Co-occurring Disorders Specialty Contracts

Addiction Recovery Program provides recovery-oriented support for individuals with addiction or co-occurring disorders. Services include individual and group formats for relapse prevention and recovery skills development.

Community Treatment Collaborative provides addictions treatment services to individuals involved with the criminal justice system. Referrals are accepted from the Board of Probation and Parole forensic social workers in each area.

Supervised Probation Offender Treatment is a contracted service with the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and the Department of Corrections to provide addictions treatment services for individuals on probation.

ADAT is a DUI program providing a variety of treatment resources for individuals with multiple DUIs. The service must be referred via the court system.