Executive Leadership and Leadership Team

The Management Team works as one team committed to Volunteer’s Mission. It is the Team’s belief that the key to organizational success lies in creating an environment where people thrive.  Volunteer’s Management Team holds that philosophy and serves with a set of high standards by which the organization is measured, a set of values about how employees, colleagues, and communities ought to be treated and a set of principles that makes this organization unique and distinctive.

The following dedicated professionals are committed to excellence in the provision of mental health services.  As dedicated leaders they serve together to reach desired goals, and they encompass decades of service in the Behavioral Health field.  They are focused with a sense of direction for the future to the organization, employees and communities.

Executive Leadership Team

Phyllis Persinger
Chief Executive Officer / President

Greg Lewis
Sr. Clinical Director

Gala Murray
Chief Compliance Officer

Amanda Cook
Chief Business Development Officer

Missy Johnson
Chief Human Resources Officer

Angela Hampton
Chief Administrative Officer

Dawn Carlton
Chief Financial Officer

Aaron Hall
Chief Information Officer / Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Troy Gilson
Medical Director

Dianne Jackson
Executive Assistant

Carrie Robinson
Sr. VP of Operations

Robert Edmonds
Sr. VP of Operations

Nathan Miller
Sr. VP of Operations

Tonya Ballew
Regional VP of Operations

Richard French
Executive VP 

Danielle Smith
Director of Corporate Communication & Affairs


Leadership Team

Connie Farmer
Sr. Vice President of Specialized Grants & Services

Laura Tedesco
Sr. Vice President of Crisis Services

Leah Pastula
Sr. Director of Crisis Services

Cindy Sneed
Sr. Vice President of Co-Occurring & Addictions Services

Angie Stokes
Vice President of Nursing

Mary Chesnut
VP of Housing

Ella Britt
VP of Community Outreach

Beth Tucker
Clinical Director

Tamara Crutcher
Director of Auditing and Monitoring

Jeff Phillips
Property Director

Paris Freeman

Centralized Access/Customer Service Director

Bryan Herriman
Center Director

Shane Farris
Center Director

Kory Hendersen
Center Director

Shirley Jennings
Center Director

Haylee McPhearson
Center Director

Janet Parrish
Center Director

Christopher Sales
Center Director

Anne Stamps
Senior Center Director