Murfreesboro Crisis Stabilization Unit is NOW OPEN!

Through the CSU, VBH will offer 24-hour, medically supervised, short-term intensive treatment for adults experiencing a serious psychiatric or behavioral health crisis. Services will include psychiatric assessments, general medical screenings, medication management, counseling and peer support services, and mental health and co-occurring disorder education. Individualized treatment and discharge plans will provide referrals to a multitude of behavioral health, medical and social services to prepare individuals for successful re-entry into the community. By providing the most clinically appropriate, least restrictive care, the CSU will also serve as a valuable alternative to inpatient hospitalizations at regional mental health institutes.

The WIC will offer 24/7/365 non-hospital services for persons experiencing a behavioral health emergency. The WIC will ensure that individuals receive same day access to crisis services in a therapeutic environment without requiring a visit to an emergency department. After an individual is assessed, WIC services may include a referral to the CSU or other stabilization service, psychiatric medication and medical management assistance, therapy, care management, peer support, and direct linkage to follow-up services.