Losing the extra holiday weight has added benefits

Putting on a few extra pounds during the holidays can result in added mental stress that may weigh you down as much as the added physical weight

The often recognized change in daily diets during the holidays beginning with Thanksgiving in November and not ending until early January can lead to what he termed “some very unhealthy” results by this time each year.
Too much sugar, an abundance of fatty foods, and in many cases a lack of physical exercise because of the inclement weather outside can easily be a recipe for weight gain and therefore mental stress.
The mental stress and threat to your mental well being comes from actually two areas.
First, you realize you’ve gained weight and you’re concerned about your personal appearance, your physical health, and how you can best deal with these issues in the quickest way possible.
Immediately you’ve placed a mental burden on yourself.
You’ve recognized the problem at hand and now you must deal with it. You must decide on a strategy and course of action that directs you to choose the right diet and exercise regimen to lose the excess weight you’ve collected. And you must stick with it.
The second attack on your mental well being comes in reality from what you’ve been consuming over the past 60 days or so.
According to the Centers for Disease Control, adding too much sugar to your diet resulting in a rise in blood sugar levels can be a leading indicator of mental stress and other mental illness concerns including depression and anxiety.
The CDC suggests watching what foods you eat (cutting back on sugar intake), limiting the amount of alcohol and caffeine you drink, doing something to get physical exercise, and finally reserving some time for yourself to relax, read a book, take-in a movie or do whatever that can help you recharge and get on with life.
Getting the excess weight off is important to getting back to a state of good mental health. But how you accomplish this is also important.
Find a diet that suits you.
There are all sorts of diets and remedies to lose weight. Some work better than others. Find the one that you believe can best serve you.
While there are a number of rules to follow when putting into place a diet to lose weight, perhaps the four best rules are to determine how much weight you need or want to lose; select a diet in which you have the confidence you can maintain; don’t try to take weight off too fast as this can lead to more mental stress particularly if the weight loss is not occurring as fast as you had anticipated; and make sure that you get plenty of physical exercise.

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